First off he didn’t show his true face until after the election. That would have increased his losing margin. Before the election he showed a reasonable façade, coming up with the idea to watch the people’s money and to combine two departments to reduce expenses.

Smolow waited until after the election to attack the Catholic Church which would not have gone over with the Catholics in Bucks County. No, he didn’t come out and condemn Catholocism.  Smolow is clever but not by much. He wrote against the decision of Holy Ghost Catholic School to fire a gay teacher who, knowing the position of the Church condemning gay marriage had nevertheless decided to marry another man.

Smolow kept his ideas against Roman Catholic marriage to himself until after the election but he wrote a letter to the Courier Times condemning the Catholic Church. He wanted the gay teacher of continue to work at a place where is was against the rules to be married to a partner of the same sex. There’s no foul for people who do that but why did Smolow wait until after the election? Imagine if Smolow had won. He would have had either to keep his ideas secret because of the great number of Catholics in Bucks County who would turn against him or risk political fallout when he revealed his true feelings. Either way he would have had a very difficult time continuing to serve in public office after attacking the religious principles and practices of the Catholics of Bucks County.

Voters don’t like to be tricked and deception during a campaign, like George H.W. Bush’s “Read My Lips” quote during the campaign and his violation of that oath afterwards caused him to lose the Presidency to William Jefferson Clinton of Monica Lewinsky fame.

What about the gay community in Bucks? Many of them have been working to get more gays to come out. But not all gay people want to do that. It’s a decision that’s freighted with consequences, and some of them may be unpleasant or even dangerous. Sure, the issue of Gender ID has changed but as the Holy Ghost incident shows, it’s not a sure thing. Acceptance and recognition of gays has a ways to go. OTOH, things are marginally better for gays.

Smolow’s problems are related to his ideas about Christians. Those ideas are not fully developed. They may never blossom but in his letters to the Courier he shows he is trying to figure out what’s going on. He’s not there yet.

Smolow wrote a second letter where he immediately used the tired Liberal tactic, calling people names. Derisive name-calling is the standard retort of the left. Criticism and differences are viciously attacked rather than rationally debated because much
of their agenda is based on their feelings and their personal  “beliefs” rather than on facts, that is on reality.

Those like Smolow on the extreme Left, where it’s the far-out hooting about the even further out, a place for the crazy car to fill up  — while gassing up with the craziest bunch of ideas. Smolow has gone too far Left. He’s into condemning religion and even in America with Free Speech and loads of Left Wing-nuts who want everything to be without consequences, Smolow needs to expand his limited intellectual abilities.



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