“No more big government. We’ve got to stop,” said Irene Wilcox, a 78-year-old retired waitress and Republican from Largo who voted for Jolly. (Here).

Pinellas County is St.Petersburg, Florida. Eleven Million Dollars ($11,000,000.00) was spent by the Republicans and Democrats to win one House seat. Pinellas County voted for Barack Obama twice in both 2008 and 2012. Registered Democrats are 35% and Republicans are 37%  of the total. Only 27% of the registered voters voted and Jolly won 48.5% to 46.7% with 4.8% voting Libertarian. The 1.8% winning margin was narrow. It means the election was controlled by .9% of the voters and since 27% voted it means .9 x .27 or .02% of the registered voters decided the winner.

Pa Representative Mike Fitzpatrick knows the National Democratic Committee, the PA Democratic Committee and the Bucks County Democratic Committee will be funding his opponent in November, 2014. The Publicity Chairman of the Bucks County Democratic Committee is backed by The Courier Newspaper in Levittown, PA where Democrats outnumber Republicans. Since I support Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government and Free Markets which also means smaller government, lower taxes and observing the Constitutional limitations on President Barack Obama, ideas which are supported by Representative Fitzpatrick, I will be working extra hard to make sure Congressman Fitzpatrick returns to Congress in 2015.



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