This guy just can’t help himself. He’s a big government power hungry Socialist Mad Man who want’s government involved in every aspect of the daily moments of American’s lives. Not having ever gotten America into his psyche, [neither parent liked America or Americans, his mom married two non-Americans, and his father fought against England and blamed Churchill so much that] Barack removed the bust of Churchill from the White House. President Obama’s State of the Union speech, much of which he wrote himself, was the least majestic State of the Union speech ever. He actually complained about failures that were his alone then proposed to fix them. But he didn’t get them right the first time so he has no credentials to fix them.

The biggest disappointments were his constant banging of the bigger government drums and his incessant but wrong-headed blaming of Republicans for his failures as a leader. He took credit in the second sentence of his address for more than 8 million jobs created but forgot to mention many were part time as employers laid off full time workers and replaced them with part time people because employers couldn’t afford Obamacare. In paragraph three he said “This chamber speaks as one” but he was the only one speaking. Obama said “after five years …..the U.S. is better positioned for the 21st century. Yeah, with $17 trillion in debt.

Obama lamented: “this town has been consumed by a rancorous argument” but he failed to reveal his part and his party’s part in starting and continuing both the rancor and the arguing. He’s the leader who failed to unite the Congress.

The President said: ” Americans want for all of us in this chamber to focus on their lives, their hopes and their aspirations”. No we don’t. We want government out of our homes, our shops and our bedrooms.

He wants “to speed up growth” but government slows down everything with more rules, regulations and laws that take away free markets, ruin businesses and eliminate jobs. He wants “to build ladders of opportunity into the middle class” but he wants to throttle, control, and regulate the people who build the ladders. That would be businesses, the providers of jobs that get people off welfare. His “trickle up” approach is to give away even more food stamps to people who have cell phones and flat screen T.V.s. The man is out of touch.

He “wants to reduce inequality in access to higher education” when it’s the free availability of more money for colleges from government that increased tuition so more people can’t afford to pay for college. How dumb is his idea to reduce human nature and fit everyone into the same size box? That’s one thing his wrong idea of “one size for all” Mao and Marx idea requires. He want’s to make each person identical to the one ahead and behind but that’s like wanting all fingerprints to be the same. Human nature produces unique individuals. Obama doesn’t get that. He wants you to be the same as everyone else. It’s not happening. The president is tone deaf if not actually daft.   

Obama’s speeches prove he is not fit to be president because he’s only concerned about his preferences; his people, – and against those of us who are different.  The man is not informed about many things. He is easily the most small ball president ever. But Vice President Joe Biden’s mugging to people in the audience livened things up even though Joe contributed to the small nature of the proceedings. A big disappointing evening.

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