Larry Weinstein should have been elected Chairman of the Northampton Township Board of Supervisors because he received the highest number of votes ever for Supervisor. Instead, the other three Republican tax Increasers elected Eileen Silver. Keep your eyes on her during the televised meetings to get her true reactions against the citizens who, in her little mind, dare to oppose her. Check the video right after she said, without meaning, thank you.

But Weinstein got his way in the recent secret Republican Committee meeting, a meeting from which outsiders, meaning Republicans who do not kiss up to the three or four who run things in the townships, are kept out. The votes were secret, meaning not available to outsiders but without going into the nasty details, some good decisions were made by the majority. Larry got his way without the usual rancor that’s been the hallmark of the Northampton Republicans for the past six years.

The Northampton Republican  Committee meetinge are supposed to be open to all but the Northampton Republicans don’t like that Republican Party rule so they purposely exclude many other registered Republicans thereby encouraging dissent against the secrecy. Secrecy is another corruption marker. Corrupt Practices operate better in the dark.   

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