Northampton spends far too much money. They have a years worth of tax money in the bank. Some of it’s for pensions but the pension funds are far higher than needed. But Northampton’s a rich township so most people don’t give a hoot about being over-charged and that’s good for the corrupt politicians who run the show.

The 2014 budget was presented in November 2013 and rejected because the spending was too high. A revised budget was approved with no increase in the money collected by the township. But.


The “But” means the taxes were increased in January 2014. Why? Supposedly because, …. well what’s the point of explaining why more money was decided to be taken from the people. No one’s listening.

Even though Northampton increased real estate taxes 20 times more than the increase in the value of the real estate since 1997 no one watched. No one cares.

The real estate millage increased from 3.6125 in 1997 to 12.9275 in 2014. It’s four times higher but the same tax increasers keep getting re-elected.  The money collected from real estate taxes increased from $1.8 million a year to $7.5 million. No more property was added to the township. The population is about the same. The township just spends and spends.

But the money taken by the township increased 313 percent. The value of all of the real estate increased only 15% from what it was in 1997, $504 million to $581 million. But. The millage increased 258% and the money collected  increased an outrageous 313%. The money from Real Estate is four times higher. The township broke the bank open and ran off with millions that didn’t improve the quality of life in Northampton with some small exceptions. Traffic is worse. Buildings are empty eyesores in the middle of Richboro and Holland. Developers are not interested in dealing with the red tape of Northampton. Instead of cleaning up Richboro the planners are building walking trails in Holland where no one walks and no one want’s to walk. We can jump on our treadmills if we want to exercise. More clogged intersections, longer wait’s at the red lights, trash collected once a week, and the center of Richboro looking like a North Philly block with an abandoned parking lot and an old time building where Davis Pontiac used to be. But.


Increasing taxes without improving the quality of life is not only corrupt, it’s immoral and even if you don’t think it’s important, it is.



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