“Consider that Joe Biden’s Twitter account has 20 million followers.
“Trump’s Twitter account has 88.8 million followers.
“Consider that Joe Biden’s Facebook has 7.8 million followers
Trump’s Facebook account has 34.72 million followers.

How likely is it that a person with 4 or 5 times the following of his rival lost the election?
Consider that Trump’s campaign appearances were heavily attended but that Biden’s were avoided…..
Consider that despite Biden’s total failure to animate voters during the presidential campaign, he won 15 million more votes than Barack Obama did in his 2012 re-election.

Consider that Biden won despite under-performing Hillary Clinton’s 2016 vote in in every US urban country, but outperformed Clinton in Democrat-controlled Detroit, Milwaukee, Atlanta, and Philadelphia the precise cities where the most obvious and blatant electoral fraud was committed.
Consider that Biden won despite Trump bettering his 2016 vote by ten million votes and Trump’s record support from minority voters.

Consider that Biden won despite losing the bell-weather counties that have always predicted the election outcome and the bell-weather states of Ohio and Florida.

Consider that Biden won in Georgia, a completely red state with a red governor and red legislature both House and Senate. Somehow a red state voted for a blue president.

Consider that Biden won despite the Democrats losing representation in the House.” (Empire Of Lies, Paul Craig Roberts, Korsgaard Publishing, page 324, 2023)

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