Mash a garlic clove with the blade of a knife. Put it in a large wooden salad bowl. Add anchovy fillets to your taste. We like two. For a stronger taste use more garlic and more anchovies. Add some olive oil

With the back of a large tablespoon, mash the garlic, anchovy and oil to create a paste.

Add some Vinegar,  1 teaspoon Mustard, 1 tbl Lemon juice. 2 tbl Mayo, 1/2 tea Worcestershire sauce, Blue cheese and Parmesan cheese. Some people use a little MSG to bring out the flavors. The mayo replaces the traditional egg. 

Cut up Romaine and Iceberg lettuce. Other varieties of lettuce are too weak in texture. Toss the lettuce in the sauce. Sprinkle Parmesan over it and add some croutons. How much of everything should you use? Depends on how much salad you need and on your taste. The above quantities are just a place to start. Taste as you go along and change the ingredients to suit your taste or the taste of your guests.  


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