Conservatives want to hold the line on taxes. The Komelasky Republican administrations have increased taxes 245%. That makes them Liberals.

They tried to increase taxes again on November 20th. Township manager Bob Pelligrino, a Komelasky appointee wanted to increase taxes another 16% but he was voted down by the three Democrats.  The Liberals didn’t get their tax increase. Supervisors Rothermel, Cunningham and Rose voted to keep the payments of the residents the same for 2014 as they were in 2013. Northampton’s Liberals didn’t get their 2014 tax increase.

But the Liberals at the Municipal Authority increased water rates 16%, sewer rates 25% and they want to increase them again in 2014. That’s what Liberals do and that’s what Northampton’s Elected Republicans do. That’s why the Liberals in charge of the Municipal Authority agreed to do the Solar Panel Deal and charge someone else the $193,000.00. Liberals want free stuff. Liberals want more government spending and that’s what Northampton’s Liberals have been getting only they are not even real Liberals, they’re only confused Republicans going thru an Identity Crisis. 

The Northampton Republican Committee is the tip of the bully iceberg in Northampton politics. They have always had their way mostly because they were the only party in control. No point in fighting yourself. So no one ever exposed their bully tactics(except your’s truly). For the past six years they had to come out in the open because two Democrats were elected in 2008. Following Liberal Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, they just about persecuted the two Democrat Supervisors, Messr’s Rothermel and Cunningham but the harassment didn’t work. In 2011 the Northampton voters dumped Liberal Supervisor Deon in favor of Dr. Kim Rose. Deon became a member of a club he has attacked, the losers of Northampton.  

So the Loser Republicans retaliated from the shadows with three anonymous websites that were so full of hate they literally were embarrassing to read.


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