Northampton’s TWO LEFT WING TAX ‘N SPEND LIBERAL REPUBLICAN SUPERVISORS, that would be George Komelasky and Eileen Silver, failed to get ANOTHER 16% tax increase. Great! They raised taxes 245% over the past decade plus years but they were stopped by the three Democrat Supervisors. 

Supervisor Frank Rothermel gave Northampton the best demonstration of a CONSERVATIVE supervisor in the closing moments of the meeting November 20th, 2013. Liberals Bob Pelligrino and Bob Armelin tried to get a 16% tax increase beginning in 2013.

“The Bob’s” manage the township. Armelin prepares the budgets and Pellegrino presents the budgets and spends the money. The Supervisors are asked to approve the budgets and until Mr. Rothermel and Mr. Cunningham got into power, the supervisors increased the taxes 245%. That’s how it’s been for decades as the township taxes have steadily increased under the Liberal Republicans.

Something unusual happened on November 19th solely because of  Frank Rothermel. Mr. Rothermel was the only supervisor who had actually studied the 2014 budget. After the Bob’s presented it, no one except Mr. Rothermel had anything substantive to say. It’s called “doing your homework”.

Some background. The budget was first presented to the supervisors and the two new supervisors-elect on November 12th. All seven had the 2014 budget for 8 days before the Nov. 20 meeting. Why was Mr. Rothermel the only one who knew the details? It was because he was the only one who actually read the budget.

Mr. Rothermel spotted the fact that the Bob’s wanted to continue to overcharge the residents $43 a year for trash. Mr. Rothermel spotted the deception and the Bob’s agreed to use the overcharge and cut some spending plans which would eliminate any change in the money residents pay to the township. While commenting during Citizens Comments before the budget vote, a comment period introduced by Mr. Rothermel which will probably be returned to Komelasky/Deon/Silvers no comments allowed prior of votes, Vince Deon and Don George continued to attack Supervisor Rothermel during public comments.

The revised budget is available on the website. No increase in taxes or trash fees only because Mr. Rothermel did his homework as he has done for the past six years to the benefit of the people on Northampton Township.


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