I’m officially a Republican Candidate for Township Supervisor in the May Primary election. 

Democrats and Independent voters who want to help rid the township of some of the corruption that I’ve put on this website and talked about at many Supervisor meetings can help themselves by voting for me in the Republican Primary.

First register Republican. Then vote for me AS A REGISTERED REPUBLICAN in the Primary. You can change your registration back after the Primary. You will need two registration forms to do this. Get registration forms from your local committee people or call the Board of Elections. 215/348-6164.

Or let me know and Ill drop some registration forms at your home. It’s easier to defeat an incumbent in the primary like a lot of Republicahs did when Hillary ran. Some Republicans changed to Democrat and voted against Hillary, just like some Democrats and Independents can vote against the incumbant Supervisor in the May republican Primary.

Waste no time if you are going to do it because the deadline to change your registration is April 18th.


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