Mendacity is fraud and mendacious people should not be in public office but in Washington D.C. Harrisburg and Northampton there are fibbers. President Obama was elected therefore he belonged in office when he was first elected but since then he has proven to me to be incompetent. He is by far the worse President, IMO.

Roosevelt was pretty bad because of his use of the government to force people to pay for programs that did not belong in America. Same for President Kennedy. The circumstances behind his assassination are  somewhat murky although the public record was made to make the assassination appear to be the work of one man. I do not believe that. Neither do some of the Kennedy cousins. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend on the Chris Wallace show, JFK’s niece, admitted she doubts Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone shooter in her uncle’s assassination

Read more here. Kennedy had attacked Cuba and Castro, (Check out “Operation Mangoose”) but Mangoose was not immediately revealed. BTW, be careful reading Wikipedia. It is an admittedly Socialist Site. It, for example claims wrongly that America wanted to conquer Cuba because America wanted to dominate Cuba. America is not trying to dominate Cuba but America is/was against Communist Nations because of the nature of Communism. Fidel Castro responded to an embargo of Cuban sugar by agreeing to put Russian Missiles in Cuba. Kennedy eventually removed American Missiles from Turkey which was the quid-pro-quo for getting Khrushchev to remove the missiles from Cuba.

President Carter was a wrong man to be President. His sorry record speaks for itself but he was a one term president and that’s vindication of that. Bill Clinton was probably the most notorious President and his wife would be a serious mistake if she succedds in winning the Presidency. That leads to Barack Hussein Obama who has committed more mistakes than one person should get away with in their lifetime and he did it in five years.

Obamacare is a massively wrong program that caused President Obama to say over 40 times: “if you like your plan you can keep it”. So did Senators Reid, Durban, Murray, Begich Baucus, Levin, Merkley and Hagan. Obama recently said: “If you like your plan you can keep your plan for real this time.” Mendacity. Obama repeated: “you will save $2,500 on your health care premiums”. But premiums are rising. Is that two lies? Yes.

“If you have a business you didn’t build that”. But unless and until you did something no business would have begun. This is one of Obama’s lies that shows how little he knows about ideas that are needed before action and ideas do not come from a group. there is no such thing in reality as a group, just a lot if individuals. Individuals, exist. Groups are lots of individuals, not lots of groups.  

The Obama spin continues in an official biased letter that try’s but fails to legitimize the current slow sign-up rate by comparing it to the Massachusetts sign up rate but the spin letter, here, did not include the information that Private Medical  Insurance  was not forcibly cancelled as it is under dictatorial Obamacare.


First was the lie that Obama called it an act of Terror on the Rose garden. He did not. Next was the video lie that the attack was because of a video. It was not.

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