He stormed on for a year and a half about “Contamination” of the public water supply. It was false.

He wore an American Flag upside down until he was caught on camera.

He said the quote he reviewed for a solar panel system was “for a 10 kw solar panel system”. It was clearly shown in the quote he displayed at the Board of Supervisor’s meeting to be for a 31 kw system. He said they were not equivalent. They were. “Pay No Attention to the man behind the curtain”. Sewage Man and “Wizard of Ooze”.

He said the Solar System deal reviewed at a secret meeting for $193,000 was better than the $111,000 system but it was the same – except the $193,000 system was 71% higher and used Cheap Chinese Solar Panels. That’s 71% more for a worse system. Flam-Flam Man.

He said his life was threatened by a Democrat Supervisor but the District attorney said it wasn’t. So did the Police Chief. Deception.

He said he feared for his life when he assaulted three people but he’s alive today so his fears, like his presentations were incorrect.

Carrying a cane, probably for insurance purposes and caused so much concern after a Sewage meeting that the police were called.  Hokum Man.

The Sewage Solar Panel deal offered a lease purchase of a solar panel setup. Don’t fall for the gimmick of “Investors” who would buy the system. Any bank would jump at the deal. Going from $111,000 to $193,050 is a 71% cost for a lease but even worse, the $191,000 received Government Grants of $92,000 so the actual lease amount was only $100,000. Like I said, any bank would jump to get that deal.

Too bad all this is above Don George’s pay grade, except he has no job so no pay grade.. LOL

He keeps himself in the public eye. He’s a public person.

He’s out of work but not retired.

He want’s to replace Jerry Bass as the Republican “Kamikaze”. He’s always admired Jerry whose wife’s name  was mentioned, not in a good way, almost 200 times in a Grand Jury report. Replacing Jerry Bass is another small no-pay job but it’s his aspiration.

Strum. Drang. Smoke. Mirrors, False charges. Flim-Flam’s, Artful Deceptions. An inability to get it right. Incorrect Conclusions all over the place especially on the internet sight that poses as something to do with government, out of work with another Komelasky appointment, this time as a $125 a day one day Judge of Elections at a district where he doesn’t live. A Komelasky rule bending political favorite. LOFLOL.

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