In townships that are uncorrupted which are quite different than Northampton run by Republicans, a proposal for something comes before the proposal is made. The Northampton Sewage Board Majority, three little blind loyal followers actually requested a proposal written around the specifications of a Barry Moore Agreement. In other words, they had the answers before they asked the questions.

But the contract does not follow the Request for a solar energy system. The Solar System does not provide what was requested. Don’t be surprised.  The slavish devotion to the Northampton GOP comes before virtue. The rule-breakers have been part of the Sewage Board majority for decades.

Why would the Rule Breakers follow the rules? No reason is needed because they don’t follow the rules. They don’t even follow their own words in a Request for Proposal. Check the RFP for yourself. But perhaps it’s another waste of time because so long as the Sewage Directors are in control it matters not what their own words mean. Why trust them? No reason to trust them. They cannot be trusted. No reason to verify what they did because they defy morality at every meeting. These are bad people. The only way to stop them is to stop the GOP from re-gaining control in Northampton.  

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