Being unable to get a job except for being appointed to the Sewage Board is a reason people would feel sorry for someone out of work. Maybe George is independently wealthy and doesn’t need to work. After all, he drives an expensive car and lives in a large single home so the outward conclusion is: he has plenty of dough. Plus he has loads of time on his hands. He certainly acts like he’s retired.

Its clearly in his character to mis-calculate and the local Insider Republicans enjoy his diabolical analysis but they have limits. The Northampton GOP will not publish what Tony Albano called Georges  “ranting’s” when George announced at the Supervisor’s meeting that he, George, would make liaison reports to the supervisors. So it was no surprise to hear the results of a poll of Northampton residents about the popularity of local politicians. People were appalled at his disrespect at public meetings and some knew about the police being called to a Sewage Board meeting because of it.

George has two ally’s on the board of supervisors. Eileen Silver topped the list of local politician most out of control. And Supervcisor George Komelasky will finally be stepping down as supervisor, having served over-long and fulfilling a change long over-due.

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