The White Men must be working to support the women and children so they are in short supply so they aren’t seen in the commercials. The commercials are used to trick and exploit women and children but not white men to buy and use products so the makers can make profits. Some of the profits are immoral because of the exploitation.

The potential for wrong and corrosive impact of the depictions in commercials has been studied by social psychologists. Clearly commercials do more than sell products; they also market images of race and color preference, and understandings of social hierarchy. When they get it wrong the impact can be severe. they routinely get it wrong. Commercials overly fail to include white people, especially white men in truthful settings. That’s a moral failure.

In 2013, a Cheerios cereal TV commercial featuring a Black and white couple with their daughter drew an influx of racist and other negative comments.

More recently, a State Farm engagement ad showed a very black man giving an engagement ring to a very young, blonde girl. It received negative comments on Twitter.

“This is disgusting, and nobody wants to see this,” one user wrote.

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