The Republican Committee is 36 elected committee people, a male and a female from each of Northampton’s 18 voting districts.  Neither the Republican Party nor the Committees are part of government. The Republican Party is a private organization. Ditto for the Democrats.

The parties endorse candidates who run for public office. The parties do not endorse candidates for local committee. The Northampton GOP violates that rule. That helps the Northampton GOP party leaders stay in power because the committee people owe their election to the local party bosses party but the Republican party doesn’t want that. the Republican Party wants Committee people to be independent of party control so they can represent the Republican voters. Not in Northampton where the entire Republican Committee supports the rule breaking. That’s how Republican Supervisors kept themselves in power for over 200 years but they lost power because of the scandals.

Pay to play is well known as a Bucks County republican political tactic. The newspapers reported it and worse, – the employees at the courthouse had to play ball with the Republicans and sign up voters to be Republicans or their jobs could be in jeopardy. All that crashed in Northampton when the voters decided to elect three Democrat Supervisors. For the past 9 months Democrats have control of the tax money and the Northampton Republicans don’t like that one bit. They are coming after the two Democrat Supervisors who are running for Supervisor.

A good, fair campaign is the way things are supposed to work but not in Northampton where the silliest and most insignificant things are blown into political nuclear weapons. The Supervisor meeting of Sept. 25th shows the depth of the cheating by the Republicans. Unable to defend their 200 year record, unable to come up with ideas to help the community they attack people but that’s why they lost the last election and lost the power to spend tax money.

Why can’t they follow the rules? Why the incivility? Why the lies? Probably because they just don’t belong in power.

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