A very, very dishonest election in Arizona…

Trump Releases A New Statement Saying 2020 Election Will Go Down as ‘Crime of the Century’

The voter and voting data in the databases is gone!!

The chain of Custody doesn’t exist

Nobody knows the password needed to access the voting data.

Election officials are in a panic.

Huge number of digitally adjudicated ballots…

Router (computer_ date kept hidden.

50 non-official networks have the data.

The election was not run by the government.

Election officials have retained a hundred lawyers to represent them.

The Sheriff of George Soros in helping keep the data secret.

Subpoena’s are being ignored.

Ballots are missing

The Secretary of State in taking campign gifts from foreign officials

The Voter Files were hacked then covered up

The SQL server has a backdoor to access the data.

The Media is helping the cover-up


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