Another disgraceful set of lies from six Republican Insiders at a public meeting.  The Democrats on the board are too respectful to reply to the liars.

Don George who tried to cause a minor panic with his false charges, his lies that the public water supply was poisoned. Recall him calling the three Democrats liars for 18 months. It was him lying for 18 months about the poisoned water. His low-level words are identical with words on his anonymous venomous website. Jerry Bass joined the funny, crazy hysterical comments that are so false that Jerry will not be missed as he leaves Northampton for his final destination. Good Riddance. He was no good for many years. Vince “Pay-to-Play” Deon appeared and blamed the Democrats for the sins of his Republican administration.  Vince worked himself into such a rage with his crazy discourse that he threw his cell phone on the floor. LOL. 

Screechy Silver was her usual yelling disruptive self. Trying to discredit Supervisors Rothermel and Cunningham  she actually contradicted some union people who were obviously unhappy, Screechy told the union people that she was at the Municipal Building and she saw happy people. What? She’s part of the cause for the discontent of the Municipal Workers. It was so bad for employees under the Republicans that two more unions organized in Northampton during the final days of the Republican Deon administration. Note that contrary to all reports that the Democrats bring in the unions in Northampton it was the Republicans who mis-treated the Muni workers and forced them to bring in all the unions and the Democrats are the ones trying to do the right things by the unions and the citizens of Northampton. 

The Chinese use a symbol to describe the low behavior of people like these. They wag their hand to show a running dog. It’s time to let out the dogs of Northampton.   

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