Morals are a set of principles to guide decisions…. The universe makes no¬† decisions. None. Not one. It is impossible for a universe to do anything but react to the forces that tend to bend it or to keep going straight. Without outside forces, objects move in straight lines. It cannot be otherwise and it is not otherwise so the idea that the universe can bend is preposterous; a cruel joke played upon the unknowing by charlatans. Morals are man made. Say what you like about the supernatural, the mystical but you must account for reality when dealing with it. Morality cannot make the bad into good but morality can guide the bad to become good. What is to guide morality? Reality. There’s nothing else. There is no supernatural force or light coming to guide the universe. The universe is like reality. It is. The universe is what it is. There is no moral arc because there is no such thing. There is morality and it should be correct but it may be mistaken and lead to wrong conclusions and wrong decisions. There is no moral arc because there is no decisions by the universe. There are human decisions. They may be correct or incorrect. If they are incorrect they should be corrected. Morality can guide them. Morality should guide them but it must be a correct morality. It must be based on reality. It must be grounded in what exists. Existence is what exists. Humans cannot know of existence until they perceive it. When they perceive it they must understand what they are perceiving, that the existents have a nature; that they have an identity. That’s reality. Existence… Identity… Reality.. Those are the Axioms of Knowledge.

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