1. NeuraLink is Elon Musk’s company that makes intelligence chips for brains. They work to improve intelligence. So far they’ve been tested in monkeys.

2. The Biden administration is set to waste millions of dollars on “science” grants to force “racial equity” on STEM education instead of, you know, rewarding people who aren’t stupid and giving money to actual science.

Biden’s National Science Foundation operatives seek to “support bold, groundbreaking and potentially transformative projects addressing systemic racism in STEM” with a $30 million program, according to Just the News. Their projects are a secret because, … well, .. you know,… the minorities, .. those who need an intelligence upgrade to get to normal, … no telling what stupid people would do if they were still angry but no longer stupid

This isn’t science. This is a left-wing propaganda and a fruit-loop, nutty Socialist agenda.

“Persistent racial injustices and inequalities in the United States (due to low intelligence) have led to renewed concern and interest in addressing systemic racism,” says a synopsis of the Racial Equity in STEM Education Program on the NSF website. “The National Science Foundation (NSF) Directorate for Education and Human Resources (EHR) seeks to support bold, groundbreaking and potentially transformative projects addressing systemic racism in STEM.”

Just the News adds:

Although the grants are funded by the federal government’s primary source of support for basic science research, the agency emphasizes that proposals are to be developed by and reflect the perspective of aggrieved groups and individuals who perceive themselves as victims of undefined “inequities” assumed in advance to be caused by “systemic racism.”

“Core to this funding opportunity is that proposals are led by, or developed and led in authentic partnership with, individuals and communities most impacted by the inequities caused by systemic racism,” specifies the agency. “The voices, knowledge, and experiences of those who have been impacted by enduring racial inequities should be at the center of these proposals, including in, for example: project leadership and research positions, conceptualization of the proposal, decision-making processes, and the interpretation and dissemination of evidence and research results.”

Once again, we see that liberals do not care about truth, science, or reality. They only want to push their anti-human, un-American, and false agenda.

This will be $30 million tax dollars that are supposed to go to supporting science wasted on leftism.

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