The Democrat candidate for Tax Collector resigned from the election. Why?

No one’s talking but this is a bombshell. It means the Republican candidate will be the new tax collector.

A bit of history. Barbara Bucknum has been the tax collector and with the support of the Republican party she was re-elected. But the Northampton Republican party withdrew it’s support of this successful, election-winning woman. Why? Be certain that there was a reason but no one’s talking. We suspect Barbara was her own woman and the party didn’t want that. The party has to control the candidates, otherwise the party is irrelevant.  Barbara received more votes that any other Republican. She demonstrated time and again that she would win the election. Without the support of the party, winning in Northampton is almost impossible. Barbara proved that and the Republican voters elected Barbara’s opponent. That’s politics.

The Democrats had endorsed Paul Kelly Lang Jr. several times for different positions. Paul was on the ballot for tax collector and the township politicians were prepared to run campaigns for their candidates. All that changed. Paul Kelly Lang  Jr. resigned. What happens next? Either the Democrats will appoint someone or not. If not, the Republicans will win by default. That’s politics.  

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