The most important and the most active law enforcement people are the local police. The Police Chief is a political appointment. Is there a better way to do law enforcement? You Betcha. Elect the Police Chief.

But the Police Chief is appointed for political purposes. The local political party bosses cannot control an elected official. If the chief was elected he could be removed from office by the voters. Here’s a flash. The Sheriff is elected. It’s written in the law that the sheriff is the highest law enforcement official in the county.

But the job of law enforcement isn’t done by the sheriff. Why not? What happened? How did the sheriff go from being the top law enforcement official to transporting prisoners and serving warrants? Who took away his law enforcement responsibility? No one. He really is the top law enforcement officer in the county but many sheriff’s don’t know that or, if they do know it they are happy to do the job they do and let the dangerous work of the police be done by the trained police forces. Why should be buck the system? Perhaps he answers to the political bosses and they’re happy to keep him and the police chief’s under political control. That takes the control away from the people. And now you know it.

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