Three holdover Republican appointees run the Sewer Board. They agreed to waste $193,500 plus legal fees plus insurance on the solar panels, for an extremely expensive Chinese Solar Panel Project that’s so cost-prohibitive the U.S. government was called to provide money to help pay for it. But it’s still far too expensive as a way to generate electricity. See the USA Today article Here. Typical payback periods can be 50 to 100 years. Since the panels last 25 years, (no dependable data available yet), there’s not enough time to get back the money spent. See the article here.  “Grants” are just loads of tax money, money which must be taken from unsuspecting victims who must be lied to about where their hard earned money is being spent.

Companies go bankrupt trying to make and sell the un-economical Solar Panel Systems. Solyndra was a vivid example. They manufactured, sold and installed complete solar panel systems. They went bankruptat a cost to American taxpayers over $500 million.   

It’s a big lie to say: “Solar Saves Energy”. It doesn’t when the total energy to produce solar panel electricity is included. The saving disappears. Solar panels cost more than they are worth. Here’s why.

A Solar Panel is made from special crystals called Photo-Voltaic, PV crystals, aka. Silicone. Silicone occurs in rocks. The special rocks must be heated to the molten state, about 2,500 degrees F minimum. When additional elements are included the temperature goes even higher meaning more energy is needed, more and more greenhouse gasses are produced and the size of the carbon footprint becomes huge.

Heating rocks uses carbon based fuel. Entire factories must be built to make the PV crystals. Extremely special machinery and computers and people are needed to produce the crystals, cut them and shape them and connect them. That takes money. How much greenhouse gas is produced to build a factory? To build the special machinery? Remember too that the workers use energy to drive to their jobs. Add that in. We must include all of the energy used to get to the true cost.  

The ill-informed and ill-advised Northampton Sewer Board scheme it was claimed will save 60,000 pounds of  greenhouse gasses. How many pounds of greenhouse gases were produced making the PV cells? Much more than what is allegedly saved.  

PV cells are covered by glass. Glass is molten sand. How much greenhouse gas was used to make the tons of glass? What about the aluminum frames? What about the wires? How about the invertors? How much greenhouse gas was produced by the machinery to erect the panels? How much greenhouse gas was used to produce to produce the machinery to produce and install the system? Even the energy to produce the vehicles used by the sales people and the installation people must be included in the total energy used for the ill-advised project. How about the electrical panels and the wires and the fuses and the electrical boxes? How much greenhouse gas was produced by the liars breath who claim Solar Energy is Free?

What about the ships used to carry the Solar panels from China to America. What about the trucks needed to deliver the solar panels? They didn’t happen without causing greenhouse gases.

There are far more efficient and far less expensive ways to produce electricity. How do I know that? Look at PECO. Do they use solar panels or generators? Hint. Generators. Evidence? The generators.

If solar power is so great, why doesn’t PECO use it? Hint: it’s not great. It’s not even good.

The net effect on the environment is covered up by the DEP and the Sewer Board. Are they lying? Is rice white?

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