President Donald Trump said the media was the enemy of the people,

YouTube Agrees. They are the enemy of America. They are the friends of Communist China. A CIA report proves China interferred with the election.

The public report is only about two pages and was released on January 17th. It states that China interfered with the 2020 election and “sought to influence” the 2020 presidential election.

The epoch Times goes on to state that, while Chinese interference is said to have occurred and was intentionally ignored or downplayed in reports by the CIA, specific details related to China’s involvement are not given in the brief summary report given to Congress on January 7th:

“The report by Zulauf was sent to Congress on Jan. 7 alongside an intelligence community assessment of interference in the 2020 election. In the report (pdf), Zulauf states that the analysts working on Russia and China applied different standards to their reporting on election interference. While labeling Russia’s activity as clear election interference, the analysts were reluctant to do the same for China.

“Given analytic differences in the way Russia and China analysts examined their targets, China analysts appeared hesitant to assess Chinese actions as undue influence or interference,” Zulauf explained.

“These analysts appeared reluctant to have their analysis on China brought forward because they tended to disagree with the Administration’s policies, saying in effect, I don’t want our intelligence used to support those policies,” he added.

What is even worse than this is the apparent subterfuge by alphabet swamp creatures in groups like the CIA who are all aware of the fraud but refused to acknowledge it for anti-Trump political purposes.

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