Obama has destroyed part of every dollar in existence not just in America but in Europe, China, Africa and worldwide. He has single handedly doubled the price of fuel by destroying part of every market in energy, especially the oil business. A dollar buys half the fuel than when Obama came to power. Half of the value of your dollars for fuel have been effectively destroyed by Obama’s actions. Murdered.

Venture Capitalist Kevin O’Leary says putting money in the wrong hands could destroy it. He calls this the crime of “Murdering Money”. Obama has destroyed more money than Bernie Madoff who only destroyed $64.8 billion. Obama destroyed at least $5 trillion. That’s how much money he murdered by spending it and not paying it back. Obama will never pay it back. Bernie Madoff on the other hand has been forced to pay back billions. Obama will not pay back one penny. Who’s worse for humanity? Obama.

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