The Courier Times weighed in on the Northampton Republican Committeeman who had to apologize for his dreadful remarks in public. They referred to him as “thoughtless” and “crude”.  Guilt by association may not be accurate when it comes to, for example, all of the Republicans in Northampton but it certainly applies to the Republican Committee who not only continue to support the thoughtless and crude committeeman, they were seen patting him on the back for a job well done after the Supervisor meeting where he had accused Democrat Supervisor Jim Cunningham of making “retarded” faces. 

The Northampton Republican Committee is a rogue among Republicans. There are good and great Republican leaders not only in Washington and Harrisburg but in Bucks county too. Good Republican leaders who are loyal supporters of the Republican principles of smaller government and lower taxes are around but not in Northampton.

The Courier also praised Northampton Supervisor Frank Rothermel who was constantly attacked at every meeting by the Republican majority for four years. The attacks are still going on but they are muted by the great work that’s been done by Supervisor Rothermel. Years ago Frank uncovered a deep and wide conspiracy to keep Northampton residents in the dark about the 537 Sewer Plans. Several residents were forced to spend $30,00 each to construct huge above ground septic systems because the sewer plans were keep secret. They also had to ruin their front, side and read yards by building huge mounds to meet the requirements of an above ground septic system.

Frank Rothermel and several hard-working citizens uncovered the plot, the first of many that had been hidden for decades. But even after it was discovered, the Republican majority board refused to follow their own sewer plan. They wanted revenge against Rothermel for discovering it. The DEP finally had to ORDER the Republicans in power to build the West End Sewer Project. The defiant conspiracy along with the failure of the Republican majority to find out about the theft of township money by the township manager helped defeat Republican supervisors James Kinney, Peter Palestina and Vincent Deon. The hysteresis helped carry Dr. Kim Rose into office and the persecution of Supervisor Frank Rothermel lessened. It’s still going on as the Courier noted by the “thoughtless and crude” remarks of the Northampton Republican Committee people who continue to jabber away with their hate speech. The difference is this time they got caught.  

But leopards can’t change their spots so keep on watching the Supervisor meetings to see the haters at work and don’t forget to vote for the good supervisors Rothermel and Cunningham  in November.

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