Can it get any worse for the Cuban people to be abandoned to a brutal dictator and now being brutalized by his little brother? Well,…. Obama grovelled to Raul at a baseball game. Raul told Obama, …. well it wasn’t nice what he said.

Donald Trump gets Cuba. The Cuban’s in Florida who fled Castro’s totalitarian dictatorship ruled by the armed forces of Cuba, know how murderous of the Cuban people Castro was. His body should be incinerated and the ashes thrown into the Caribbean sea. The world is cleaner and better now that his life is over.

Castro, a baptized catholic seized all the church-run schools in Cuba. He was excommunicated by the Roman Catholic Church. He nationalized businesses and banks, stealing more than $1 billion in American-owned property. Thousands of those dubbed “enemies of the revolution” were executed or imprisoned, and school curriculum was reshaped by communist doctrine. Free speech was not an option, and the Cuban press was an extension of the government. That prompted many Cubans to leave the country
America owes Cuba nothing. The island should have been invaded by the free nations of the world to free the Cuban people captured by the murderer Castro. It should be invaded today. No sentient American should stop fighting for a free Cuba. . 


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