Say goodnight Frank, .. You’re done. Done as a pollster because people who take polls can and have been guilty of stacking the deck for too long and we’ve caught you too many times for you all to start over and do it right.

But, there are legitimate pollsters. Polling is a part of statistical data and people need and use statistics to make predictions about the future. Polling is needed and the polling business won’t just die because so many polls were wrong about Donald Trump. There are many polls today that are predicting a Trump victory. Many are predicting a blow-out win for president Trump.. Those pollsters won’t die out. Maybe you will because your record of successes has gone the wrong way. Maybe you are burned out from making predictions that turned out wrong. You need a new career. Find something else that you can do but get out of polling. Do it quick because so many polls are so wrong about president Trump’s re-election that polling will lose a lot of business because it’s been so wrong. That’s a good thing. Capitalism gets rid of bad pollsters by destroying them. That’s what’s happened to you and many, many other pollsters so go… GO!

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