Vince Deon voted against trying to do something about the corrupt practices of the Doylestown Register of Wills scandal that mentioned Sheila Bass over 115 times in the Grand Jury Presentment. This is lots more than the appearance of impropiety. Bass is and for years has been a Director on the Northampton Water/Sewer Authority. Deon voted at the March Board of Supervisors meeting not to ask her to resign. This is worse than the simple corruption where Deon solicited “donations” by reminding contractors of how well they did under people like him. The Register of Wills scandal was an on-going systematic sale of stolen tax money for political work by paying employees with tax money for working at the polling places, stuffing envelopes for politicians and erecting political signs.  See the Grand Jury Presentment for details. It’s about 240 pages. It’s about a scheme that paid Reg/Wills employees with tax money to do political work and punished them if they refused. Apparently Bass kept the “Pink Book” and enforced the “little girls chair”. These are not people who should be rewarded by positions in Northampton’s government. Let me know if you want to look at a hard copy. This just should not be.

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