The American Left is mostly against America. They voted for Obama twice and Hillary once. PRAVDA is their newspaper of choice. Leftist Liberal Kate McKinnon is one of their spokeswomen. Putin could not ask for a better helper. 

Liberals know Gulf Arab money was poured into the coffers of the Clinton Foundation which was used to partially fund her successful Presidential campaign; Hillary received more votes than President Elect Donald J. Trump which has exasperated the Progressives who are now calling for the elimination of the Electoral College.

America is not a democracy. Although eliminating the Electoral College seems like a wonderful 21st century kind of thing, it’s the way a Republic is supposed to elect a President. Has to do with States Powers.

We are after all one nation, at least as far as geography is concerned but The Progressives have succeeded in dividing America along racial, gender, cultural and moral lines. America is no longer a melting pot. It’s a kind of salad where all of the divisions have been purposely and intensly clarified. America is no longer “One Nation”. National unity of the kind that brought us together after 9/11  has reverted to the multi-cultural divisions taught by the progressives as an ideal. Those divisions will be fatal to the idea of America and examples of the effects were seen during and after the 2016 Presidential election. Demonstrators waving signs that read: “Not My President”, …..but he is.

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