The death of Trayvon Martin is a series of tragedy’s. Did he have to die? No, of course not. He was winning a fistfight, slamming George Zimmerman’s head into the concrete. He could have gotten up and walked home before he forced Zimmerman to pull out a gun and shoot him in self-defense.

Did George Zimmerman have to shoot him? Put yourself in Zimmerman’s position with a big guy pushing your head into the concrete sidewalk and sitting on you pounding away at your head. There’s no possibility to hit him or get him to stop. The question is how did Zimmerman manage to get his gun and shoot?

Here’s the third tragedy. Every gun owner in America will pay with more restrictions on the Second Amendment’s prohibition against government gun infringement. The Federal Government will try to pass more restrictions on guns. Lets not blame only the President, he cannot act alone. He needs the cooperation of the Liberals, the Left, the Progressives, the fawning media, the cooperation of the judges, the House and the Senate.

More background check restrictions after the tragedies at Newtown failed but they sure tried to get them and they used deception. Now they want to use the acquittal of Zimmerman to get more gun restrictions. Government has a goal of banning all private gun transfers and forcing commercial gun purchases to follow their unconstitutional and totalitarian oppressions. the old “One-Two” punch strategy. Dictators use the “Heads I win, Tails you lose” strategy and its been very successful for them. That must change. Tyranny must be rolled back.     

In addition, America has to protect itself against the new threats from the Left wing extremists, the in-the-tank media and the people who want to riot because they don’t like the Not Guilty verdict. They never talk about the Not Guilty verdict of O.J. just the Not Guilty verdict of Zimmerman. That’s not a double standard, it’s two wrong ideas in a row. Some people get it, others don’t and some just can’t. Why use these tragedies to weaken Freedom? dignity discipline and don’t discredit Trayvon. Jesse Jackson appeared on FOX News Live and was questioned by Harris Faulkner. Jackson did not accept the jury as being “a jury of his peers”, thinking wrongly that Martin had the prosecutors going after Zimmerman and that it was Zimmerman who was entitled to a jury of his peers, meaning representatives of the public, not people who looked like him. That by the way is how Jackson and the race hustlers use the black race when it suits them but ignores it when it goes against them. Jackson said: Not one male not one black were on the jury, as though race is the sole defining characteristic of people.  

Jackson said the prosecutors tried to avoid the issue of race as though Zimmerman was guilty because he wasn’t black. Jesse brought up killings of black people by police but ignored black on black killings which need to be prosecuted too. Urban males, he claimed are 50% unemployed, the most maligned, the most jailed and the least educated. That ignores the welfare state that results and in some ways encourages crimes against blacks.  Jackson knows how to whipsaw the Zimmerman not guilty verdict to increase the welfare state which having failed everywhere it’s created is useful to the race hustlers who continue to use it without understanding it increases black on black crime in addition to it’s economic failures. Jesse, wrongly calls Zimmerman a murderer. Zimmerman was found Not Guilty of murder and Not Guilty of manslaughter. Jackson wants the DOJ involved and a he is pushing a civil suit to go foreword. He also wanted to join the protestors calling for dignity and discipline. What Jackson really wants is to continue use the Not Guilty verdict to hustle more welfare money from the people. 

Jackson wants the government to re-prosecute Zimmerman for the same events. That shows how dangerous government has become. Governments prosecute people over and over until they punish people by breaking the law themselves.

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