Money Laundering….

Now the BURISMA payments to Hunter Biden make perfect sense.

The Bidens were laundering money to avoid paying income tax on the money. To spend the money without paying income tax. To enjoy the benefits of the money but not to pay income tax on the money. How awful.. .

The New York Post is publishing separate emails found on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop which revealed a massive pay-to-play scheme involving Joe Biden.

That’s why the payments were being made… How simple it is.

The other shoe soon to drop is the involvement of then president Barack Obama..

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Hunter Biden Associate’s Emails Reveal Deal With Former Moscow Mayor’s Wife to Launder Funds Into the US

By Leisa Audette | Oct 19, 2020

And this:………

Trump On Biden Scandal: “This Is A Big Smoking Gun”; He’s “Blatantly Lying”

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