Agenda 21 partners are cunning, clever and corrupt. Cunning because they know their agenda cannot stand up to the American ideas of Freedom, Individual and Property Rights so they never admit their programs will eliminate Private Property. But calling for more common property, more community property, more apartment houses and therefore fewer single homes eliminates private property and replaces it with property that is Owned in Common, which means the property is not privately owned. Calling for “more efficient use of space by building apartment houses” quietly supports the ideas of living in an apartment house instead of a private home. Agenda 21? Yes. Diabolical? Yes. Cunning? Clever? Yes. Corrupt? Yes because it operates by keeping it’s motives secret and it uses seemingly good techniques to further The United Nations Agenda 21. Lets examine the corruption caused by Agenda 21.

Holland, PA is a small area in Northampton Township, Bucks County, Pa. A meeting was announced to the residents to discuss “their ideas” for the future of Holland. I called and asked if there was any material to review before the meeting? No.

The meeting was conducted by two professionals from the Bucks County Planning Committee. Loads of prepared material showed up at the meeting. The community’s ideas were not wanted. The pre-planned conclusions were on professionally prepared boards and people were asked to put stickers beloe the things that interested them.

The “Draft Master Plan Report” is available. Everything seems plausible until it’s revealed that the entire outcome was decided in advance. The “neighbors” were there as stage props to provide the false appearance that “the community” did the planning.

The biggest problem in Holland is the chokepoint traffic over a 2 lane bridge. Nothing in the Master Plan about solving the problem. The ideas to: “Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste. Use it to further the statist agenda” are obvious now that you know about it. What happened next is up to you. Why not show up and talk about this when the “Community Plan” is on the agenda? 



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