Any country that beheads people should be kicked out of the UN. The UN is anti-America and anti-American. America should kick out Saudi Arabia then leave ASAP. Why Saudi Arabia? Because Saudi just beheaded 47 people and sits on the U.N. Human Rights where it enjoys the support of World Powers including the United States.   

What President has let down the cause of freedom even more than the past American presidents at the UN? Barack Obama -who himself is anti-America because it’s too racist for him. Instead of at least making it as easy for Europeans to immigrate, he’s made it easier for terrorists to immigrate. 

Instead of supporting the expansion of Individual Freedom and Individual Liberty American Presidents have joined the rest of the world to harmonize International Laws as well as International Wealth Distributing schemes and share-the-cost-by-income agreements. This is at least economic treason as well as actual treason to American Values. Why has America agreed to any of it?

The UN is the worlds biggest monopoly because it rules over all nations. Americans have no way out. The rules of the UN have trapped everyone and blocked off escape. Continuing to be part of such an obviously dictatorial, anti-American organization is a betrayal of America. That’s why Obama supports U.N. Sovereignty over the U.S. America pays the largest amount of dues. Obama paid a huge amount of back dues to the U.N., dues which were withheld in protest against many anti-American programs so the President supports the betrayal of America and is the most dangerous man at the U.N. He leaves office in a year, long enough to continue the turnover of American sovereignty to despots.    ?

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