The End of the Tea Parties? Yes, so far as the Tea Parties that began as: a grass roots response to Obamacare; in response to higher taxes proposed by the Democrat majority in Congress and the Senate; and to the massive movement towards more Socialism in America. Now that Obama won, the need for the Tea Parties seems to have evaporated. Obama goes in four years whether or not there are protests. 

The Tea Parties lost their way because the Republicans got involved. The protestors stayed home on Nov. 6. They didn’t want to be part of the Republican party and they were never going to ever vote Democrat so why vote? In effect the Republicans who wanted to help lead the Tea Party Protests caused the protestors to stop protesting. The Tea Party Types didn’t want to be an adjunct of the Republicans and there was no room for them inside the Republican party. Another set of reasons the Real Republicans failed to elect Romney was the general dis-interest in many of the evolving issues of the Tea Party which brought many Tea Party Types closer to the Republican ideology.  

If Americans aren’t crying because Obama was re-elected, they will be. Liberal’s are full of a false pride because Obama won re-election but they know they have problems governing because there are conservatives who have not swallowed the Socialist Kool-Aid. Eventually American Liberals will lose because America will run out of the money Liberals need to keep up their Santa routine. It’s easy to be compassionate with other peoples money but the message got out. The Tea Parties are dead but they pushed the  electorate a bit more back to the center. The Democrats, the very rich Liberals in the Entertainment indusry and the very rich majority of Democrats in Congress and the Senate know Socialism or whatever they want to call redistribution, leads not to the stars but to Greece. 

America can still be different but time is running out. That’s what happened to the Tea Parties too. Their time has gone and if the remaining Republicans don’t figure out how to win elections, they will go the way of the Tea Parties. 

The good news is that Liberals Evolve to the Right.  The Extremism of the Democrats is also evolving towards the center as prices increase and the increasing value of the dollar makes everything more expensive. Even Democrats have to pay for their purchases. They know they can buy less and less with more and more money. Health care doesn’t show up in the paycheck, it’s a deduction – so people have less money to pay for food, energy, a car and a home. There are fewer dollars and the dollars buy less. The old re-distributionist double whammy. It takes more and more to buy less and less until buying nothing costs everything.

Don’t blame me. I saw thru Obama in 2008.  

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