They stood for The Black National Anthem, a race-based song then went all Joe Biden and hid in the locker room while The National Anthem Of the United States of America was played. This organization is a national disgrace to America. Americans are free to protest and the Eagles are free to protest their dislike of whatever it is they claim to be against, … but their protest was wrong and at the very least it inconvenienced a lot of fans. It succeeded in turning a lot of fans against The Eagles… Good..Eagles suck

“F-U” said the Eagles to the fans. That’s the loud, clear message of Jeff Laurie, Howie Rosen, Doug Pederson, Carson Wentz, Zach Ertz, Fletcher Cox and the rest of these cowardly snivelling small little men as they fail to understand just how great America is.

Even worse for the little snot-nosed Eagles. They refused to go to the White House when they won the Super Bowl. That’s as Anti-American as it can get.Oh Yeah My CowBoys beat the Eagles! How bout them Cowboys!!!

The sniveling little bitches  need to travel to some of the Shithole Places on the earth. Maybe that will convince them that there really is: “Systemic racism”  but not in America… They should go to for example, South Africa where the present ruling class is simply murdering those they dislike, which they do by following the lead of neighboring Zimbabwe where the different color of skin people were tortured and murdered with the approval of the government. That’s “Systemic Racism” but of course it didn’t happen in America. Some South Africans escaped and found a favorable place in Georgia, a nation in the Caucasus region thanks to Vladimir Putin who invited them to settle in Georgia because they were in danger of being murdered by “Systemic Racism” if they stayed in their birthplace and homeland of racist South Africa.

The behavior of the Eagles is simple-minded. They are….. well, .. enough of what they are which is really a bunch of human attributes they are missing. Boo…. Hiss…

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