It’s been found that about 95 percent of people move their bowels between three (3) and 21 times weekly. That’s an average of 1.714 bowel movements per day per person. 1.714 times seven days a week is an average of 12 bowel movements a week.

Each “Go” uses about 20 sheets of paper. At 12 times per week that’s 240 sheets a week per person.

Each roll of Costco Kirkland toilet paper has 425 sheets. That means, on average, one roll will last one person for 21 1/4 “Go’s”. At 12 “Go’s” per week using 20 sheets of toilet paper per “Go”, one roll of 425 sheets will last one person 425 divided by 20 sheets which is 21 1/4 days. A case of 30 rolls will last one person 30 times 21 1/4 days which is 371.88 days. There are 365 days in a year so one case of 425 rolls will last one person 371.88 divided by 365 which is 1.02 years per case of 30 rolls.

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