Some mean adults said they weren’t against the kids as they protested against allowing temporary field lights on a soccer field at the 126 acre Northampton Municipal Park.  

To set the stage here, several years ago the U.S. Navy closed the Warminster Naval Base and about 35 residents were handed a huge 126 acre park behind their property. Instant million dollar back yard with no increase in their taxes. Good for them except who knew they didn’t like kids?

So they objected against the temporary lights at the June Board of Supervisors meeting, shouting the park was a daylight park. “It’s in the deed” they said and they were correct except the Northampton Republican supervisors broke their own promise and the deed a decade ago and installed lights.

The Komelasky adminstrations installed about five dozen lights in the park then had the temerity to write “Rules and Regulations” on large signs inside the park that read: “The park is open from dawn to dusk unless lighted facilities are in operation.” They think people are to stupid to spot the contradiction.

So the previous Superisor, Art Freidman who admitted he lives along the park thinks putting lights in a dusk to dawn park doesn’t count if the lights are, for example in the parking lots or along the walking paths, some of which are six feet from his property line. 

The Parks and Rec Department showed movies in the park. Outdoor movies can only be shown when it’s dark, meaning AFTER SUNSET! Meaning you broke the dawn to dusk rule but because the residents are against the kids, Parks and Rec said no lights for the kids to practice on one soccer field.

Yes, we know you didn’t think about all this because you just wanted to yell at Frank Rothermel but you proved two things. You don’t like kids and you are political hacks.

You should call the township and tell them you vote to put up lights and hope the kids and their parents don’t hate you for proving you don’t like them.

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