A smoking gun was seen at the Supervisors meeting May 25. An e-mail written by Jerry Bass wherin he called himself a Kamikaze, even though he can’t fly an airplane like a real Kamikaze and why would anyone want to equate themselves with such an enemy of America idea? I mean wouldn’t he have credibility if he self-identified as an Army Ranger or a Navy Seal? Of course the issue is like hero’s or villains. K-Jerry must dream of being a villian and attacking the forces of good, right? What wrong psych-epistemology. K-Jerry justified himself as some kind of junkyard dog for the Republicans. His target according to his own e-mail seems to have been Supervisor Rothermel. That explains Jerry’s savage public rudeness during the last two years. Now that K-Jerry’s e-mail is part of the public record maybe K-Jerry Bass will try to stop making up his outrageous stories, like his ideas that there were no sewer problems in the West End; that the people were offered water connections for free and that his wife Sheila wasn’t involved with the Register of Wills scandle. What’s wrong with this guy?

Republicans should try to get Jerry under control. The entire party is guilty by association with this self-loathing idiot because according to the e-mail chairman Steve McGill received the letter so he has been supporting Bass’s disgusting conduct.  Do these people have the common sense to understand what’s they’ve been doing? Have they neither conscience nor shame? Hard to believe adults engage in such conduct but we have the e-mail.

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