Child Molestation is a crime that is usually investigated by a local Police Department and prosecuted by a District Attorney, not by the United States Attorney General so why did the FBI have enormous files on Michael Jackson?

The FBI is not thought to have the authority to be the Secret Police for The United States. America was not founded with a Federal Police Force that now identifies, investigates and prosecutes private citizens for alleged misdemeanors and felonies. Those are the jurisdiction of cities and townships.

What’s next? FBI pulling people over for driving with a broken taillight? Arresting people for spitting in the gutter? Smoke from the BBQ? Spying on the Associated Press? On CBS reporters? Spying on Fox News? Selling guns to Drug Runners? The State Department blaming a video for the attack that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three brave Americans in Benghazi?  Repeating that lie on 5 National Sunday Morning talk shows and two weeks later to The United Nations? This is bigger government than in the fictional dystopias of “1984”, “Brave New World” and “Animal Farm”.

The police have enormous power and they need enormous power but in America that power is not only limited, it’s controlled by the people through elected citizens. That’s part of the horror of discovering not only the FBI but Homeland Security breaking the law and violating the Constitution including a Secret Court without oversight.   

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