Philadelphia CBS reported:

“With gun violence in Philadelphia at epidemic levels, local organizations are joining forces to try to make a difference. Philadelphia police and other groups are holding a “Home Gun-Check Campaign” this weekend.

They’re (foolishly) asking people to go through their homes, locate guns they don’t want and turn them in with no questions asked.

It’s been said bullets don’t discriminate. Unfortunately, we’ve seen that firsthand this summer in Philadelphia.” 

These silly, naive people have no idea of self-protection. The people who live in crime-prone neighborhoods are the people who need a way to resist being a victim. A gun gives them that protection. If they were serious about stopping crime they would work to make certain every good citizen is well-armed. Even a small caliber pistol can help stop a rapist or a robber. A good parent will make sure their children have a gun and know how to use it.

“It must be stressed that community members who submit firearms will not be asked to produce identification. In addition, the submission of a firearm will not trigger an investigation of the person who relinquished it,” Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said. He was silent about the benefits of owning a gun and using it to stay safe.

Wrong-talking ABC 6 reporter Katie Katro with more details:

“It’s been reported Philadelphia is seeing an increase in shootings…to combat the senseless gun violence, city council, Philadelphia Police and community groups organized a home gun check…urging residents to safely turn in firearms lying around their homes before they get into the wrong hands.”

What about the gun owners defending themselves, their families and their friends? No answer and no ideas from the usual suspects who fail to grasp that guns need people and those people are called criminals. Want to stop hold-ups? Give the victims a gun and watch the crooks run away. Want to stop rape? When a few rape targets shoot their attacker the rape rate will drop. Right away. That’s how great it is when a woman has a gun. Remember: There is no such thing as a violent gun. There are only guns. There is no such thing as gun violence, only violent people. Want to stop violent people? Arm the potential victims. Watch the crime go down.

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