They aren’t big yachts. Most are what boaters call small boats but it’s a new phenomenon…A boat parade for the president. Great!! Happy to see it.. Go Boaters! .

Largest Boat Parade In The History Of Earth Is To Show Support For President Trump..

Another Boat Parade in Tampa.. “Trumptilla”

The "Trumptilla," a flotilla of boats celebrating President Donald Trump's 74th birthday and Flag Day, sailed along the waters of Tampa Bay on Sunday. [PETER TALBOT | Times]

It was one of several “Trumptillas,” that took place along waterfront communities across Florida and the nation. Trump supporters and the president’s own campaign have organized and encouraged the boat parades as a way to show support for the president while also practicing social distancing to help slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Leading the way was the Invictus II, a 60-foot Marquis yacht owned by Jim Morton, 63, of Palmetto. He started the morning docked in downtown Tampa, sipping green tea while about 20 of his friends climbed aboard to take part in the parade.

The Invictus II had flags like “Trump 2020 No More Bulls–t” and another depicting the president’s face plastered onto the body of Rambo holding a combination machine gun-rocket launcher. But they were kept furled while docked. Morton said he felt uneasy having the flags up near downtown.

But when they started cruising toward Beer Can Island before the parade, his friends unfurled the flags and let them fly.

“To see all the boats and the spirit and flags and just the patriotism, I don’t know, it gave me

chill bumps,” said parade organizer Sherri Gerland of Apollo Beach.

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