The control of the American Press makes it impossible for Americans to get the truth about most events which would be unfavorable to President Obama. Notice that reporting of the events in Syria are missing. Ditto for Libya, Egypt, Iraq and Iran. European news is just about extinct as is reporting on the horrible regimes in Southern Africa in particular and of Africa in general.

The American media since the late 1800’s is controlled by the university professors who inject the proper party line into the teachers who infect the children with the values and virtues of big government. The Political Parties both favor big government and the chances of a Third Party forming are virtually non-existent. The reporting of the media becomes favorable to the American Dictatorship because from childhood the reporters have been compromised towards Big Government.

Big government is here to stay unless and until a generation or two is created with the values of individual liberty. The biggest offense against Liberty is sacrifice. Then comes the idea that the State knows better than you. Finally, the idea that there is more to things than you can know completed the deadly Troika  of Mysticism – Altruism – Communism as identified by Ayn Rand.

The cleansing of the media in Yugoslavia provides a vivid example of the process. Photographs were staged and doctored before and after events to provide the pictures the government wanted to keep the people pacified. Peter Brock published “Media Cleansing. Dirty Reporting” Journalism and Tragedy in Yugoslavia which offers a rare glimpse into a distorted media but it can be seen in reporting about the takeover of Eastern Ukraine by Russia and the riots in Ferguson which have condemned an innocent police officer. The Federal Police Force is now in charge in Ferguson and the whitewash of the news continues. A good example is in the Washington Post which “reported” that: “Brown, walking unarmed between a convenience store and his grandmother’s apartment at midday on a Saturday, was shot at least six times and died.” Brown was charging a police officer when he was killed. Reporting that he was “walking” is completely false. Dirty reporting in action.  

Recall there was no Federal Police Force when America was created and the Constitution written after the successful 1776 revolution. Notice American history books begin after 1812 so the entire successful Revolution against a tyrannical government will not be learned.

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