President Obama has ramped up his racial identity by sending Eric Holder to Ferguson to wallpaper over the violent nature of Michael Brown who reached into a police car; caused the cops gun to go off and put the officer into danger into which he was trained to respond with appropriate force and caused his actions which were begun by Brown’s defiance and which ended well enough for the police officer.

Holder and Obama are understandably friendly to the black cause but they are supposed to be legally neutral. White Americans must be protected from violence so there’ s no excuse for the riots in Ferguson which are all out of proportion to the events surrounding Michael Brown. The police officer needs the protection of the Federal Government from the mobs of Ferguson, the liberal press which supports the idea that Brown was an innocent citizen and from both Holder and Obama. Brown wasn’t innocent and they’re wrong to bring in the extremely disproportionate and biased federal government.

Ferguson has become a symbol of a dangerous defiance of the rules of law as well as common sense. Here’s hoping it ends well enough but the possibility appears to have vanished in the clouds of tear gas, the outrageous riots and the now to be expected looting that has become so common when race is involved. Unfortunately, no good way out will happen. 


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