Tear down “Hamilton”, the phony, false attack play on Broadway against the founders of America… America…. which went on to become the greatest country in the history of the planet happened because of the founders.

Miranda hates the idea that white people founded America. Miranda is against all that and makes fun at the expense of the founders who provided him with his entire left-wing, anti-America success story. He needs to bend over and warmly kiss the feet of America’s founders but he’s not nearly smart enough to get it with his hate clouded tiny little brain. Disney should be boycotted for spewing Miranda’s hate for America.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is a darkly committed Democratic Party ally. He fought hard to elect Hillary Clinton. He’s been a loud critic of President Trump. He’s a proven pro-gun control campaigner.

And amid the left-wing effort to demonize and defund police in America, Miranda has endorsed the radical Black Lives Matter movement that is smearing those police.

Brandon Dixon, a Black Nationalist and white hater had the audacity to think he was at least as important than the elected Vice President of America, Michael Pence. Dixon actually said, from the stage:  “We truly hope that this show has inspired you to uphold our American values and to work on behalf of all of us.” Dixon had zero votes in the presidential election. He speaks for himself and some small number of others. Vice President Pence represents tens of millions.

Miranda himself is a tiny man who conjured up the lie that Jefferson and Hamilton were black along with the leading men and women of the time in his stupid musical and who openly practiced rampant anti-white race discrimination when he placed ad’s for actors and singers that only blacks need appear. Where were all the screamers of racism then? Frankly his play is stupid to say the least with a total revision of history according to Lin Manuel Miranda and not backed up by any history book. This play is another Emperors New Clothes that people say is great when they are really afraid to speak the truth because they will be called racist. Pitiful and showing no backbone. The play stunk and so did Lin-Manuel in it

“Hamilton’s” politics — particularly its celebration of diversity and of the allegedly critical role immigrants played in the American Revolution and the early republic — stand in sharp contrast to the truth… America wasn’t founded by a diverse group of people. It was founded by White Men….

The founding of America happened in Philadelphia in 1776 with the writing of the Declaration of Independence by a white man, Thomas Jefferson and it’s signing by 56 white men. Not one woman. Not one black signed. The signers were solid white men not diverse.  Nothing about the 56 white male signers is diverse.

The play is a series of lies about the founding. Lin-Manuel is lying all the way through the play. He needs to admit his lies. He needs to admit his hate. He needs to admit his revenge. He needs to apologize for his massive personal insult to the Vice-President, Michael Pence; to America; and to all of the American’s who he purposely insulted. We must not let this pass without retribution.

On Saturday July 4, 2020, Hollywood actor-director Michael Rapaport asked his half a million Twitter followers “Is it time to discuss canceling #hamiltonmusical? Celebrating a singing George Washington? #CancelHamilton.” Doubling down, Rapaport — a raging left-wing Trump hater — tweeted “Singing slave owners.” Again promoting the “cancel Hamilton” hashtag.

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