He should know what he’s saying but he needs to study and grasp the differences between Capitalism and Catholicism. His address to Congress verify’s his anti-Capitalism. He’s constantly connecting America to Communalism and Group action but Capitalism is about Individual Liberty, the freedom to think, act and enjoy life.

“It is not the purpose of the capitalist system to cater to the welfare of the poor; it is not the purpose of a capitalist enterpriser to spread social benefits; an industrialist does not operate a factory for the purpose of providing jobs for his workers. A Capitalist system could not function on such a premise.

“The economic benefits which the whole society, including the poor, does receive from capitalism come about strictly as secondary consequences, (which is the only way any social result can come about), not as primary goals. The primary goal which makes the system work is the personal, private, individual profit motive. When that motive is declared to be immoral, the whole system becomes immoral, and the motor of the system stops dead.. “

Francis said: “We have the freedom needed to limit and direct technology to devise intelligent ways of developing and limiting our power, …. Limiting our power? What’s that about? Individuals need more power to improve their life. Even Donald Trump needs more power and he’s willing to pay for it.

But the Pope want’s to keep his Vatican Treasure for himself and for his organization. He want’s you to give up your money and treasure in pursuit of his goals to make each person like every other person as far as wealth is concerned. This is worse than Utopian thinking which has the appearance of fantasy. The Pope really want’s a society and culture where everyone is like a member of a hoard of ants. If he didn’t he would speak of the success of Capitalism in the Capitol of Capitalism, The United States.

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