It’s all very un-American, you know, these background checks, these “Common Sense Gun Laws”, (there is no such thing), common sense dictates you better be armed to avoid being a victim, “Reasonable Gun Laws” which are what government uses to disarm people and assault weapon bans which are completely un-constiuttional. “Arms” certainly includes assault weapons, which is what any gun is. These bans were tried in America. They were never cancelled and that’s a disgrace.

When were guns banned in America? How about banned from slaves before Lincoln passed the 13th Amendment that outlawed slavery? How long ago was that? How come it’s not widely known that slaves were prohibited from having a gun?

What about the Internment Camps during WWII? How many were there? Look it up. Guns were banned there too. 

Why is gun control wrong? Ask the victims who could not defend themselves even though the police were on their way. Remember; it takes police a few minutes to respond to a 9-1-1 call but crimes happen in seconds. A gun can make the difference between life and death; the death of a criminal and you surviving.

The moral purpose of life is to live it. Without a means of self-defense there is no way to live in the face of a criminal with a gun. The equation should be at least even. People need their guns for that to happen. The moral purpose of gun control is to commit the biggest sin against humanity, a government that makes their citizens defenseless. Gun Control is immoral. Destroy it.  

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