MSNBC is a low-information network as confirmed by the words of MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry, who is, incredibly, a professor at Tulane. She said: “your kids belong to the community”. Perry is mouthing the Marxian sentiments that support “the collective” and therefore she and MSNBC must detest Individuals. They cannot have it both ways but notice the cute deniability gambit, the idea of belonging is used to mis-direct the listener into accepting her Marxist use of the collective as more important than any individual. People belong meaning “are owned by” but she can weasel out by claiming she meant “Live in A Community” such as kids who live in Philly can be said to belong to the community of Philadelphia.

But Perris no casual Marxist. – she’s a full-throated communist inspired, Che loving, America hating Leftie. Unfortunately, she’s following the playbook of the Left that’s in every textbook used in America. There are exceptions but they are insignificant to the full-court Obama adoring teachers who are driving home every moment the idea that the individual is the problem; the State is the solution.

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