Three Card Monte is a swindle using three ordinary looking playing cards. Northampton’s Insider Republicans use a real life version called Find the 537 Plan but unlike the typical shell game the Northampton swindle used a Letter From The Executive Director that said: “there are no plans to put sewers in the West End”. That’s the famous Letter that started the Northampton Sewer Wars. Several residents spent $30,000 to build several large mounds of sand on their properties. Then the pea was found hiding under the walnut shell.

In the Three Card Monte Swindle two aces and the Queen of Spades are kept moving in front of the mark. The cards are moved faster and faster. The Queen is palmed then switched and the mark picks the wrong card and loses the bet.

In Northampton the 537 plan was palmed by Zuener’s false letter. There was a plan to install sewers in the West End, the now infamous 537 plan. Zuener knew it but he wrote a letter denying sewers  were planned. He never revealed the 537 plan. Residents believed him and built sand mounds. Like marks in a shell game they lost.

But Northampton is no Carnival and people’s money shouldn’t be wasted by the Sewage Board or it’s infamous Director.

In the “we didn’t do anything wrong” phony world of the Northampton Insider Republicans they say they approved the plan at meetings to which the public was invited. Did you get an invitation? No. No one did. None were sent out. Just like the backroom Solar Panel Presentation that was called a Conference to avoid the Sunshine Act. They knew they were fibbing. They say: “we didn’t do anything wrong but they did.

The reasons township manager Bruce Townsend was fired involved deceit and deception like the “We Have No Plans For Sewers in the West End” letter. Copies of the letter were shown to the public when the Sewer Wars began. The Queen was found and Frank Rothermel found it. It took days of searching by Frank and some private citizens but it was found.

Why was it withheld? Politics. What happened when it was found? Politicians tried to undo the damage. Did they succeed? No. the West End citizens were horribly overcharged, $10,000 to connect to the public sewers when everyone else paid $2,500. One favorite developer paid $0 dollars.

Some Insider Northampton Republicans perpetrated the Shell Game on the citizens, hid the 537 plan and got away with it. Except that in the real world we have recourse. We can at least Dump the Insiders and get them out of office. Now you know what’s been going on. Fix this at the November 5th election. Vote for the two proven supervisors who discovered the 537 plan. Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham.

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