No surprise that the Water and Sewer Board, the Chaiman and their lawyer had no credible information about polluted water in the Industrial Park. Instead of calling the Board of Health, as any citizen can do, they frightened the people, like shouting FIRE! in a crowded theatre which caused the Township to launch a criminal investigation to stop the false rumors. Hope the criminal part of the investigation includes the origins of and the political motives about the false rumors. 

The Township had to exercise some leadership and investigate – without information,  the nonsense of the Water Board’s lack of information about a credible threat to the water supply.  There was no information about any poison in the water that required the Township to investigate what was known all along, that the so-called dangers were political hot air from a highly partisan, politically driven gang of four at the Water Authority. It was a gang of five until Don George’s term expired but he’s still bloviating. The man just has to twist things for political reasons. His twist’s and turns are like a bad dream; full of impossible things. That’s Don’s world and he has the Water Board, their mouthpiece lawyer, the Director and Jerry Bass to go along with the political nonsense.

We recently learned George was involved in yet another assault, this one in Ivyland with a political opponent from the same political party. Has this follower of Saul Alinsky no shame?

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